Join Me for Razorback Swag and Community Fun at The Market at Midtown!

Hey there, folks! If you’re searching for a chance to score some fantastic Razorback Swag and enjoy a day out, mark your calendar – it’s all happening on October 7th at The Market at Midtown. I’m Victoria Smith, your local health insurance agent, and I’m excited to invite you to this special event.

Event Details:

We’ve got a Razorback Swag raffle to make this event even more thrilling! 🎁 Get your Razorback spirit ready, and who knows, you might be the lucky winner with a triumphant WOO PIG SOOIE! No purchase is necessary!

While you’re at the event, don’t forget to grab one of my business cards. Why, you ask? Whether you’re nearing Medicare eligibility or simply exploring your options, I’m here to provide personalized solutions that fit your unique needs.

But this event isn’t just about insurance but community, family, and connection. So, bring your loved ones and enjoy a day of shopping at local vendors while immersing yourself in the community spirit.

Event Highlights:

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet me, enjoy community fun, and be part of the Razorback excitement. I can’t wait to see you at The Market at Midtown on October 7th! 🤝 #BryantAgent #TheMarketatMidtown